Creating and Expanding Remediation Coursework

Maintaining and growing an educated workforce requires we prepare our young people for college and work to ensure their continued academic success. Unfortunately, the South Dakota Board of Regents has found over 800 of our students each year are in need of remedial coursework at a cost of nearly $900.

South Dakota WINS will help identify students' academic deficiencies before they leave high school, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming remedial courses in college. Furthermore, students can now take extensive credit recovery courses through the South Dakota Virtual School. These courses provide not only a more extensive academic assessment and diagnosis than either ACT or the statewide assessment, they also allow students to retake only the course components in which they need remediation.

Purpose of the Remedial Coursework program:
Provide opportunities for students to re-take the course components in which they may need remediation.


  1. Identify deficiences prior to the student leaving high school.

Courses are available in Algebra I & II, Biology, Chemistry, Consumer Math, Earth Science, Economics, English Language Arts, Geometry, US History, Physical Science, US Government and Geography.

Many of the online courses also include audio resources that can “read” content to students along with 8 different language translation options.