Matching Funds Available to Communities for Workforce Development


A $1 million community incentive match program recently announced by Gov. Dennis Daugaard will give communities across the state the opportunity to take an active role in addressing their own workforce issues.

South Dakota high school students on track to earn more than 4,000 reduced-cost dual credits


To date, almost 780 South Dakota high school juniors and seniors have enrolled in the reduced-cost courses and are on track to earn more than 4,000 dual credits at South Dakota public universities and technical institutes.

The Workforce Marathon, a column by Gov. Dennis Daugaard


Because so few South Dakotans are unemployed, we have a shortage of qualified workers to fill job openings. We lack skilled workers in accounting, engineering, information technology, health care, manufacturing trades and elsewhere. 

Dual Credit Opportunities, a column by Gov. Dennis Daugaard


Though it’s never been more important for students to continue their education beyond high school, higher education has never been more expensive. That is why we’re offering more affordable dual credit opportunities this school year to all high school juniors and seniors. 

South Dakota Students Earn National Career Readiness Certificates


During the 2013-2014 school year, 2,085 students from 53 schools completed assessments to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate, or NCRC.

2014 South Dakota Report Card available


The 2014 South Dakota Report Card highlighting school performance is now available online.

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