New South Dakotans

During the 2014 legislative session, the legislature declined to renew funding for the New South Dakotans program.  Therefore, the State of South Dakota will only continue to facilitate this program until either December 31, 2014, or until funding is depleted; whichever occurs first.

South Dakota's businesses are profitable and eager to invest more within our borders, but South Dakota needs more workers. Unfortunately, the Governor and officials in Economic Development have heard time and again, the only barrier to further investment is the lack of workers. The in-demand workers are in a wide array of industries ranging from manufacturing to engineering to information technology. If we are to grow our state's economy faster than the birth rate, we will need to look beyond our borders.

Purpose of the New South Dakotans program: Recruit people to South Dakota for jobs in Engineering, Accounting, Information Technology and Manufacturing in order to fill employment gap/demand. 


  1. Fill in-demand occupations in South Dakota. 
  2. Assist businesses in recruiting hard-to-fill positions.

South Dakota's Department of Labor and Regulation has a well-functioning system to match South Dakota employers with job seekers in South Dakota. 

To conduct a broad, out-of-state search, South Dakota WINS will employ experts in employee recruitment and relocation. Each year, firms such as Manpower, Inc. place and relocate several thousands of workers in a variety of job sectors across the United States. South Dakota will employ the expertise of those recruitment firms in bringing new families – new South Dakotans – to our state.

South Dakota stands to gain much from the addition of new workers. Fresh, well-trained employees, leading to new expansions, will bolster our businesses. Our state's economy will grow by more than $60 million. In addition, our state will increase its tax revenue by $1.5 million each year. With new South Dakotans will come hundreds of spouses and children, providing a brighter future for our state.

Find out more information if you are a business interested in participating in this program.